“I was suffering extreme and constant jaw pain with occasional headaches and ear ache. 2 Weeks ago I had the Cerezen ear devices fitted and have had a 70% reduction in pain. I can now enjoy my food, and am not aware of jaw pain very often. Even yawning is less painful! Amazing treatment!”

Mrs WH

“You are the best dentist I have ever bin to.”

Lola age 9.

“I cannot recommended acupuncture enough a very calm experience that I would certainly try again.”


“I signed up for Invisalign treatment and within 14 weeks I have completed treatment with exceptional results. The team at Neel dentistry were accommodating friendly and thorough. Tryst me if you commit to Invisalign you can reduce the treatment time. I would highly recommended Neel dentistry for their Orthodontics. First Class!!”


“Air-flow: what an incredible difference. Thanks Mel. My teeth look so much better and felt cleaner.”


“Hi all, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the work David Bloom has done in my mouth. My front teeth look and feel great and I love how fast and efficiently he works.”


“ Thank you to everyone at Neel Dentistry, it has been a 2 ½ year journey, but the final results are amazing.”


“ 10 Years Younger here is come! Highly recommend the latest treatments provided by Dr Puttur.”

Pauline W

“ My teeth were terrible, and after only 1 year of treatment it has made me more confident with my smile. ”


“ Thank you Neel dentistry! I cannot believe the difference the results look amazing!”

Jane Bovingdon

“I love coming here I always feel comfortable relaxed and nothing is ever too much bother thanks you!”


“Neel fitted me in when I had a dental emergency he is now my dentist and I'm very happy and satisfied with his excellent work. The surroundings he are light and airy and I'm impressed by the technology”


“If you do not like going to the dentist (who does?) you'll love this place... good dentistry and good looking dentist too !! What more could you want :-))”

Julie Bland

“Hi Neel and everyone at the surgery,

Thank you for seeing me the other day for the continuation of my treatment.

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent patient care and for understanding my fears of dentistry.

I would also like to comment on the amazing difference that the SCI splint has made to my life. Prior to wearing it I was waking on several mornings a week with either a mild head ache or a full blown

“I must thank you for seeing me at such short notice in my hour of need (in your lunch break). I cannot remember being in so much pain in all my seventy years. I felt sure that you would have to remove the tooth.

I have no fear of the dentist but was pleasantly surprised when there was no discomfort at all as you anaesthetised and repaired it. I think I fell asleep while you were drilling. It is so much more comfortable now than it has been for a long time.

Your office is very inviting and your staff are all very professional. It is reassuring to know that you have all the most up to date equipment. I felt at ease from the moment I met you.”

“I have attended a private dentist in Cavendish Square for many years, who doesn't have the same equipment and clearly doesn't have your expertise.

I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much.”

Mick Bridge

“Thanks for everything you have done for me, love my new teeth.”


“Thanks to your skill and patience i have overcome my fear and am extremely grateful for saving my teeth. I hope you will continue to look after me for years to come.”


“Thank you for your help and support. I cannot say I enjoyed it but my teeth definitely feel better! Thanks again.”


“I came to see Neel with a huge challenge. I was totally gutted and had lost faith in the dental profession. I gave up visiting the dentist altogether. My son then announced he was getting married - I panicked - I couldnt have my wedding photos taken without smiling. Neel was very sympathetic; never making me feel embarrassed or awkward about my terrible teeth.

Time was tight but he managed to sort me out before the wedding and now I smile readily and people smile back!

“The wedding was brilliant I wasn't self conscious at all and found a new confidence. Thank you so much.”

I really couldn‘t believe it when you said you could improve my teeth when 6 other dentists over the years had told me it would be too tricky! The work was fairly extensive but your friendly unhurried approach put me at ease, I even enjoyed your singing even if i couldnt join in! It’s so wonderful to be able to smile again! “Looking forward to seeing you again” – I never thought I’d say that about my dentist!”


“I would like to thank you and assure you how absolutely delighted I am with my new dentures they are lovely and so much more like my own “natural” teeth.

“I am thrilled with the results!”

“Thank you for a great job on my bridge - I am very pleased with the results.”


“A short note to thank you for your help and reassurance, I tell everone how kind and caring you are. I have a villa in florida if you and your team ever wish to holiday there as our guests to thank you all so much.”


“Neel has done a brilliant job and has been fantastic, I have not forgotten the wine which I will drop off!”


“We would like to thank you for your good service.”


“My regular dentist was very impressed with your work! Thanks again.”


“Thanks for all of your help with your worst patient! I will be better next time I promise!”


“I would like to thank you for all your work.”


“You gave me lots of choices and there was never any rush – the treatment you gave was remarkable. I now have wonderful front teeth the colour match is perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and consideration.”


“I am delighted to have the implants done and thank goodness my dental plate is gone!”


“He’s a jolly good dentist and a very fine chap.”


“A prince amongst dentists thank you for all your good work.”

“Your sensitivity and understanding of my longstanding fear. My confidence was not misplaced and I had the courage to have the remedial work that I had avoided for so long. The results have been life enhancing giving me a more positive outlook on my dealings with colleagues and I think I even smile more than I used to.”


“Neel has been my dentist for the past five years and in that period of time I have had extensive dental work carried out. At every appointment I feel at ease and not once have I felt a thing! He is incredibly professional, very personable and I have and will continue to recommend him to all of my local friends and clients.”


“I am very pleased with your care and thank you so much! No problems and a most satisfactory experience. Thank you.”


“Get lots of comments on how great my teeth look after the whitening and the implant feels absolutely natural. Many thanks.”


“Like most people I was a bit scared of going to the dentist. After visiting Neel and his team I got a great smile with lots of care and attention and I’ll look forward to coming back!”


“I was desperately in need of a dentist – but not just any dentist. It had to be the one who would help me to cope with my severe phobia. So it was that, having plucked up all my courage, I went in to Neel Dentistry in the high street in Welwyn. The I was met with extreme kindness, understanding and sensitivity and by great skill and professionalism.

Neel and his lovely staff changed my life by giving me wonderful dental treatment and a totally new attitude to going to the dentist.

They did this for me, and they will do it for you. Go on – give it a go.”


I can't thank Neel and the Team enough for everything they have done over the past 3 years to give me back my smile.

When I first walked into Neel Dentistry, I was so nervous and so ashamed of my teeth, but I was soon put at ease and made my first appointment for a consultation. At every appointment (and there have been many) the work carried out has been fully explained to me beforehand and I soon regained my confidence and my fear diminished. Throughout my treatment, everyone has been so kind, caring and understanding.

I had always wanted beautiful teeth and now, after a very long haul, I have them and, best of all- I now look 10 years younger.

Thank you all so much.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the work David has done in my mouth. My front teeth look and feel great and I love how fast and efficiently he works.



migraine. Neel felt this was due to my grinding at night and a long term issue with my jaw. Wearing the splint has stopped all the pain and my whole mouth is more comfortable. I know for sure it is the splint that has helped as when we were away last month I left my washbag in the cottage and was without it for a week. During that time the headaches returned. I am totally comfortable wearing it each night and have been since the first day, so many thanks for you help.”

Avis Boreham