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The Inman Aligner is a revolutionary orthodontic appliance, which straightens the front teeth effectively and promptly. Treatment is often complete in as little as 6 to 16 weeks.

How does the Inman Aligner work?

The two main parts of the Inman Aligner are a fine metal bar, which runs along the front of the teeth, and a coiled spring, which is positioned behind the front teeth. The competing forces of these two components effectively squeeze the teeth into the desired alignment.

The treatment process

Not all orthodontic problems are treatable with the Inman Aligner. Before any impressions are made, suitability needs to be assessed, with other solutions presented if not. The Inman Aligner works on the front teeth only and is only recommended for minor orthodontic problems.

Once suitability is established, a thorough analysis of your teeth will take place. This includes impressions, measurements and photographs. This is then sent to the Inman Aligner laboratory so that your aligner can be custom-manufactured.

As soon as the Inman Aligner is ready, a fitting appointment will be booked. Further appointments will also be booked to ensure treatment is progressing as planned and to perform interproximal reduction, which involves removing tiny amounts of enamel from between the teeth to give space to move into the correct position.

Benefits of the Inman Aligner

  • Speed: Treatment is much quicker than other orthodontic systems and treatment is always complete within 16 weeks. In the fastest cases, treatment is complete in around 6 weeks.
  • Comfort: The Inman Aligner is typically more comfortable than traditional orthodontics as the appliance uses low-pressure forces to push and pull the teeth into the aligned position. There are also no metal bands to cause discomfort to the gums.
  • Aesthetics: The Inman Aligner looks similar to a mouth guard, but is much thinner and transparent in appearance, making it discreet when worn.
  • Convenience: The Inman Aligner can be removed, meaning that eating; drinking and brushing your teeth are not affected by the orthodontic system. The aligner only needs to be worn for 16 hours a day to achieve the desired results.

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